Utrecht visit to Dutch Game Garden for Creative Territories Network

  Network game devs, hub leaders and researchers meet JP ven Seventer of the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht.   Creative Territories went to Utrecht for its second workshop meeting in August. Network members convened workshops which invited participation from researchers and graduates attending the Identity and Interdisciplinarity in Games Research Summer School hosted by […]

Bristol Games Hub 20 May – Why co-locate?

  Notes on theme 1, ‘What is Colocation?’, from the World Cafe session led by Dan Ashton and Caroline Chapain: thanks Caroline for these notes! Initial discussion started with traditional reasons about the theory of colocation in the literature. Economic activities tend to collocate because of economies of scale or agglomeration, or because they are […]

Bristol Games Hub 20th May – Colocation and Collaboration

Notes on theme 3, ‘Colocation and Collaboration, from the World Cafe session led by Dan Ashton and Caroline Chapain: Contributions exploring the theme of ‘collaboration’ considered the possibilities and challenges of indie games developers coming together in shared spaces and how this could translate into shared projects and ways of working together. The first major […]

Bernard Stiegler on the idea of a contributory territory

To give some background to the themes influencing the Creative Territories networking project, I’ll post some comments translated from a short interview with Stiegler about a project we was involved with on behalf of Ars Industrialis (the organision he cofounded to promote analysis and interventions into contemporary technoculture and society). the project was to explore […]

Setting the boundaries: reflecting upon the first Creative Territories pre-workshop

The 24th April saw the first in a series of ‘creative territory’ workshops surrounding the themes of games hubs and their role in facilitating the games industry, individuals and wider communities take place at the Bristol Games Hub. The half day pre-workshop featured a diverse group of individuals from backgrounds including developers, hub coordinators, researchers […]

Indie Game Collectives and Contexts

This half-day event will bring together indie game developers working in different regions with researchers interested in culturally sustainable creative economy growth.  It is the first stage of a project exploring the connections between place, culture and context in the recent expansion of indie games development.  The Bristol Games Hub is one of several co-operative […]