The Good Hubbing Guide is here!

Creative Territories is pleased to announce the publication here of The Good Hubbing Guide. You can also read the Guide online (click to enlarge): The Good Hubbing Guide represents the Creative Territories network’s major findings and recommendations about independent game maker colocation. 3 games hubs participated in the network along with researchers and members of […]

Building the Neighbourhub

Here is the powerpoint of the excellent presentation by the student researchers at the Workshop on facilitating participation in indie game making collectives run by Helen Kennedy and Debbie Rawlings, at the Utrecht Summer School 2014 in Identity and Interdisciplinarity in Games and Play Research, during our second major network meetup.

Mapping the Collective Tuesday Nov 11

Today the Creative Territories network is sharing its investigation of indie game development, collaboration and colocation with a wider circle of developers, creative sector people and researchers. To help us get some responses to our ideas as we work to summarise our findings and make some proposals about how to make indie games an economically […]

Colocation and collaboration workshop at Utrecht Creative Territories

This workshop at the recent Creative Territories event held during the ‘Identity and Interdisciplinarity in Games and Play Research’ Summer School hosted by Utrecht University was run by network  members Dan Ashton and Alex Darby. With researchers from around Europe taking part, the workshop explored ways in which game production is managed by comparing models […]

Bursaries available for Pgrad researchers for Mapping the Collective in November

Applications are invited from UK-based postgraduate students working in the field of games-related research for a bursary to support their participation at our AHRC-funded Creative Territories final network event on 10th and 11th November 2014. The event will be hosted by the Digital Cultures Research Centre of the University of the West of England at […]

Workshop two resource list

A collection of tweets, pictures and presentations from the activities that took place during the second Creative Territories at Utrecht Universities Summerschool on ‘Identity and Interdisciplinary in Games and Play Research’.

Workshop one resource list

A collection of tweets, pictures and presentations from the activities that took place during the first Creative Territories workshop at the Bristol Games Hub.