JP van Seventer

JPJP van Seventer is managing director at Dutch Game Garden (Utrecht, The Netherlands) where he directs the first dedicated game incubator-accelerator in Europe, arguably in the world. He lectures at the Faculty of Game Design, Utrecht School of the Arts and Technology (HKU; Utrecht, the Netherlands). He has over a decade of experience in entertainment game development on PC, PlayStation, Wii and mobile platforms in the disciplines of design, art and management as well as business development. He co-founded W!Games(ie: Mistbound, My horse and me, Atari) a predecessor to Vanguard Games and he has worked at Davilex Games (ie:KnightRider), Overloaded (ie:Fearfactor) and Lunagames (ie:Subway, Fearfactor) He’s a member of the council at Creative Council Topsector Creatieve Industrie, an alumni member of the Dutch Game Awards jury, an alumni member of the GATE game research board of advisory and frequently speaks at events on the subjects of improving the business of game development and the growth and status of the Dutch games industry. In recent years he has been a driving force behind several applied games and healthcare innovation projects  (ie:Business Model Canvas the game bootcamp) as well as developing the professional version of the gamejam leading to game IP innovation.

JP holds a bachelor degree in industrial design from the Design Academy Eindhoven and has studied Mechanical Engineering at Framingham State College, Massachusetts and Calvin College, Michigan USA.

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